Meet The Folks


Name: Kenni Lowry
Job: Sheriff of Cottonwood, Kentucky
Gender: Female Age: 28
Residence: Cottonwood, Kentucky

About Me:  There’s one thing you should know…I love my Poppa. He was the reason I went to the police academy.  He was the sheriff of our small town of Cottonwood, Kentucky and a great one at that!  When I was a child and until the day he died, we did a lot of back and forth on the small crimes that happened in and around our small town. We loved to banter back and forth about what if this happened and this is why or all the other fun details we’d come up with on why someone did the crime. I always felt like I was his unofficial deputy. Of course there was never a murder. . .until I became sheriff after the passing of my Poppa. 

I live in my Poppa’s old house on free row, really Broadway Street. We call it free row because most people who live on my street are on commodity cheese or check the system in some way. There are junker cars on cement blocks and broken washing machines on the porch, but deep down their good ole folk. And with the sheriff living on the street, they aren’t going to do much harm. My best friend is Jolee Fischer and my bloodhound Duke. And…I just might have a hankerin’ for my new deputy, Finn Vincent. Have you seen him???

Name: Duke  
Job: Honorary Deputy Hound Dog
Gender: Male 
Age: mature in dog years 
Residence: At Kenni’s feet wherever she goes. 

About Me:  My ninety pound size might frighten you, but I’m a big lug at heart. I was given to Kenni from her Poppa, who I equally love because he plays ball with me. When Kenni doesn’t look, he gives me lots of treats. But in a pinch, I know my real job is to keep Kenni safe. I did take a bullet for her. I love her. I could just stare into her eyes all day long or I could sleep on my big pillow at the dispatch office all day long. Or I could stay with Jolee Fischer in her food truck all day long too.  

Name: Elmer Sims 
Job: Keep my granddaughter, Kenni, safe! 
Gender: Male 
Age: Old! Dead old! 
Residence: Cottonwood, Kentucky 

About Me: I loved being the sheriff of Cottonwood. I was a natural at making everyone feel safe and I was good at upholding the law. My daughter, Vivian, could be a handful a time or two when she was growing up, but she gave me one fine granddaughter, Kendrick Lowry, Kenni for short. She might have the Lowry name, but she’s identical to me. I was never more proud after she joined the academy. She’s my pride and joy. The day I died I was at peace. I knew I’d left Cottonwood into fine hands and it was my time to meet the big guy. It wasn’t until poor old Doc Walton was murdered did I realize my fate in the ever-after was to really keep watch over Cottonwood and come back in ghost form as Kenni’s ghost deputy. Boy. . .was she surprised.

Name: Finn Vincent 
Job: Deputy Sheriff 
Gender: Male 
Age: 30 
Residence: Cottonwood, Kentucky 
Originally from: Chicago, Illinois 

About Me: I was happy working for the Kentucky State Reserve. It was a nice needed break from the homicide division I’d come from with the Chicago Police Department. The day we’d gotten a call from Cottonwood dispatch that the sheriff needed extra hands in a homicide, I volunteered thinking it couldn’t be that hard to bring the killer to justice. It was the tiny town of Cottonwood. Boy was I wrong. Not only did the killer not want to be found, but the sheriff is a single woman and I’m a single man. So when she asked me to be her fulltime deputy, I jumped at the offer not sure if it was my heart or my head making the decision. Now my number one goal is to keep her safe and secondly keep Cottonwood safe.